Leadership In Action:

"Protection, pride and promise. It’s what we need to make our new city flourish. As your voice in District 6 of South Fulton’s City Council, I am committed to bringing real results to issues of all sizes. From the cracked sidewalk in front of your home, to emergency response times, new parks in our neighborhoods, to improved transportation, I believe in making things happen."

Creating Safe & Vibrant Neighborhoods

Personal Perspective On The Issue: Well before being introduced to the possibility of leadership in local government, the pride I had in the South Fulton community ignited my action to serve--starting as an active Board Member of Providence Place Housing Authority. In this role, I’ve partnered with my dedicated team to exceed board expectations and best serve our neighbors by contributing to their overall quality of life. We’ve worked with area partners to take community protection to the next level by installing an advanced security surveillance system; securing more-strict entry measures into the community; fostering relationships with local law enforcement to better protect residents and hosting events that encouraged citizen engagement and communication with law enforcement.

We worked through countless hours, transparent dialogue, partnerships and tough questions all to gift the community with an extra vote of comfort. My overarching goal for fellow homeowners and city of South Fulton residents is for them to posses a genuine sense of safety, not only in their homes, but during a walk around the block as you catch up with a neighbor-friend, send your little ones off to school or while breaking a sweat during your morning cardio.

  • Elevate Law Enforcement Presence and Perception: The unfortunate reality is that the perception of law enforcement is declining rapidly, it’s my goal to be a part of the solution that reverses this reality. By spearheading citizen engagement programs including Front Porch Roll Calls, citizen police academies and incentives for both residents and law enforcement to reach across the tense lines, I am confident that South Fulton can be an example for other local governments and safety officers statewide.
  • Increased Walkability and Streetscape Beautification:  It’s more that a main street lined with perfect landscape, blooming trees and an elaborate waterfall--it’s about the pride you have in what’s yours and where you call “home.” My planned attention to detail and use of South Fulton’s natural resources will only increase economic development possibilities on our main corridors.  You’ll also be able to invite your family and friends to our new city with confidence in our scenic and safe environment.

Defending Our Children's Future

Personal Perspective: In my commitment to civic duties, I’m continually seeking new ways to surpass the literal definition of “safety and protection” when it comes to our young people--your children, those who fill your youth choir at your church, those who are starting their first part-time jobs, studying hard for the SATs and (most importantly) those that need that extra bit of attention, understanding and chance.

Through investing time in the city of Atlanta’s WorkSource Atlanta and the Society for Human Resource Management, I’ve had the pleasure of creating and delivering career development programs to more than 3,000 Atlanta-area high school students. It’s my hope that in the South Fulton community, we can become even more entrenched in our communities, more involved with our children and know their needs educationally, mentally and physically--all with the hopes of defending their imagination, creativity and innocence, while securing a promising future.  

  • Parental Awareness

  • Tighter Funding Regulations On Public After-School & Community Programs