What is the role of city council?

As I've been campaigning to become City Council for District 6, New City of South Fulton, I have noticed that many are asking what is the role of a Council Member. At a high level, the Mayor / Council is authorized to make policy decisions that oversee the "health, welfare, comfort, and safety of the city's residents." The Mayor/Council also "sets policy guidelines for the administrative and fiscal operations of the city."  You can view the full description of the role here

Furthermore, the budget is the main tool used by the mayor and council members to direct the delivery of services to the New City of South Fulton and to convey priorities to the public. The development of the budget is done on an annual basis. To learn more about powers of a city governing body, view the HB 514 City Charter

Why does this matter? It means that the person elected to this role needs to have a background in managing budgets and analyzing financials. This is a responsibility that I am accustomed to with my 17 years of business leadership and operations experience with global and national companies. I would be honored to put my skills to use for you as the first Councilwoman, District 6, in the New City of South Fulton. To learn more about my background, visit my profile page on LinkedIn.com.


The Importance of campaign fundraising 

For those who don't know, this is my first time campaigning for City Council and it has been a learning experience. I've received so much support from family, friends, and professional associates and it has been very humbling. There are so many who believe in me and my mission to serve the New City of South Fulton, District 6 as City Council. I am humbled and I appreciate each of you. On that note, I'd like to share with you why it's so important for me to raise money through campaign fundraising. 

Raising money is essential to help cover costs to get the word out that I'm running for office. Some of the items needed to run an effective campaign include: 

  • Lawn Signs
  • Shirts
  • Name badges
  • Walk cards
  • Online website
  • Professional Photography
  • Robo calls
  • Community Events
  • Direct mailings 

The process of raising funds for my campaign is all managed by myself. Each night I spend a couple of hours dialing for dollars. If you want to donate to my mission, please go to votecharlean. Each donation is appreciated and can be the key to helping me to win this campaign. If you have any questions about the process, you may get in touch with me directly at charleanparks01@gmail.com. 


My Vision for Our New City 


  • Partner with the law enforcement and justice services to ensure proper coverage for the New City which will help deter crime.
  • Collaborate with Public Works and the Community to install proper lighting to eliminate the issue of dark and unsafe neighborhoods.
  • Set up Community Forums with local neighborhoods to build trust between the public and the Police Department.


  • Implement policy for job training programs fro your youth to get the skills they need to land jobs and become productive citizens of our community.
  • Form partnership with local schools to support the educational needs of our youth through after-school and community programs.
  • Implement a workforce system to provide resources to job seekers based on talent needs of local and surrounding businesses.
  • Improve community parks and recreation centers to meet the needsof our children.


  • Help identify a team of economic developers to create a strategic plan.
  • Recommend tax credits and subsidies to attract the right business mix including minority- owned and locally owned businesses.
  • Partner with the community and business owners to discuss challenges and solutions to ensure long-term business relationships.


My Work in the local Community

 A snapshot of how I've spent my time giving back to the community: 

  • For over 12 years I've partnered with SHRM Atlanta and WorkSource Atlanta to recruit leaders from the business community to teach career training programs. These sessions included topics such as how to dress for the workplace, communication etiquette, ethics, and interview prep. We successfully helped over 3,000 students, many from South Fulton, land summer jobs in the City of Atlanta. 
  • As an active board member with my HOA Community for more than three (3) years, we ensure that our community is safe and beautiful. We've formed a partnership with the police department to have regular presence within our community to provide an extra layer of security. As the Treasurer, I monitor the financials to confirm that we are financially sound and adhering to our annual budgets. 

These are just a few of the skills that I would bring to the New City. To learn more about my background and skills, visit LinkedIn.com

Uploaded by Charlean Parks for District 6 (South Fulton) on 2017-03-30.